NVL-Sensor 100

Small form factor sensor applications from wearables to industrial protocols,full linked platform.

The NVL-Sensor 100 is the workhorse of the NvisiLink® suite of products. NvisiLink® technology can be embedded into any sensor protocol from touch, proximity, chemical, pressure, photodetector, etc. enabling the same secure, ultra-high volume transmission of data without risk of compromise or degredation. This enables thousands (up to 1,000 sensors per node) to actively transmit data and act where appropriate. Further, up to 10 transactions can occur on the platform in any given instant v. only a single transaction under current technologies. Imagine replacing wired industrial systems with sensors transmitting on a schedule that has to be maintained by a tech, into a completely wireless, centrally managed and monitored control point and never having the need to reschedule, recalibrate, or reallocate assets to fit them into production. The NvisiLink® sensor brings wireless, 5G compatible, mobile, secure and volume agnostic technology to the new IIoT world. Security in our new 5G world is tantamount. Efficiency in our new 5G world is money.