Wireless Medical Equipment

Medical monitoring equipment and wearable devices equipped with NvisiLink technology ensure life-saving patient vitals’ information are reliably transmitted to appropriate medical care professional or emergency response teams. Our patented dual layer encryption process provides a shield against any eavesdropping or stealing of patent’s personal information, adhering to the stringent HIPAA requirement.

IoT Edge

As a linchpin of data flow at the boundary between networks, edge devices have increasingly become a prime target for cyberattacks. Our native physical layer encryption of all outgoing messages allows us to scale without sacrificing security as devices grows to the billions. Our chaos derived digital watermarking prevents unauthorized message from ever penetrating and compromising the integrity the network employing our technology.


Monitoring of hundreds of thousands of miles on ground assets is largely done by hand or automated solutions at tremendous cost. NvisiLink products offer a low-cost option to place sensors throughout the track network, within the ballast substrate, at crossings, at bridges, or wherever there is opportunity to monitor. Real time analysis of sensor data can allow the railroad to dispatch repair crews only when and where needed and resulting in significant cost savings.

Department of Defense (DoD)

DoD need radio capabilities that will enable large number of vehicles, soldiers, and Warfighters to communicate without being detected or geo-located by adversaries. NvisiLink AP/Gateway and station devices provide bi-directional communications of data & voice which “travel” inconspicuously in and out of band of existing wireless networks in both contested and uncontested environments (networks) without loss of data, diminish efficacy, susceptibility to jamming and spoofing.

Power Grids

Today’s, power grids are monitored and managed through networks of vulnerable sensors. As a primary target for cyber-terrorism, it is of critical importance to our National Security to protect the flow of data and access of these sensor systems from electronic attack by foreign adversaries. NvisiLink network data cannot be physically altered or manipulated without triggering an alert at the entry point into our network and subsequently inoculated from the other traffic.