NVL-AP 200

Small form factor, light weight, wearable, asset/vehicle mount, close quarters communications

The NVL-AP 200 chipset offers secure, mobile communications transactions within smaller network environments. Think small-scale networks encompassing a mobile asset, a vehicle, equipment, or personnel. Communications within the mobile network are transacted securely and hidden beneath a dual-layer security protocol, one physical and the other digital. The physical layer is nearly undetectable and further clouded by the network “noise” that exists within any frequency bandwidth. The digital layer comprises encryption at any bit or complexity level. The NvisiLink® waveform protocol essentially removes the data from the visible network spectrum. In layman’s terms, in order to break the code, one first has to find it. The NVL-AP 200 chipset functions in parallel with the spectrum of NvisiLink® products to give mobile to local to global data transmission with 99% efficacy and at data and device capacity levels 10X any other existing technology.